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Servicing Owner Operators & Fleets

Some of the biggest names in trucking look to On-Time Road Service to keep their diesel engines running and so do individual owner operators. You can feel confident our mobile mechanics have the roadside skills that matter most to get you back on your way quickly, whether you're a dispatcher managing a fleet of thousands or simply a sole owner-operator.

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YRC Freight
YRC Freight, a leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods, specializing in less-than-truckload and short-haul shipping solutions, has again been named a Top 100 Trucker
Saia: LTL Freight Shipping
Saia LTL Freight is one of the nation's leading carriers, providing less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload, distribution and consolidation and logistics services.


Servicing All Truck Makes & Models

When you choose On-Time Road Service, you're in good company. Many of our technicians have specialized advanced training on trucks and engines from leading semi truck and trailer brands. Experience and training, it's what sets our mobile mechanics apart from other mechanics in the field.


Mechanics Available Rain, Snow or Shine

Inclement weather shouldn't keep you off the road, but making sure you have a reliable roadside service provider will help ensure you arrive safely to your destination. Cleveland averages only 168 sunny days per year with approximately 62.5 inches of snow and 38 inches of rain per year according to Cleveland.com. These conditions are less than ideal for truck drivers, making it evermore important you have a roadside provider on-standby. Keep On-Time Road Services' number in your pocket. You might need it one rainy day.

Need a Jumpstart Due to Cleveland's Cold Climate?

Winter can be rough on diesel equipment. We handle lots of jumpstarts helping to get diesel trucks up and running due to issues with drained batteries, gelled fuel and diesel fuel icing. Often times gelled diesel fuel will result in clogged fuel filters, requiring a service call. Fortunately we're just a call away and can you get back on your way quickly.

Inclement weather tips

Change Your Oil

Oil thickens in the cold, making it 2 to 3 times harder to start at 0 degrees. Fresh oil equals less resistance and also jumpstarts.

Try Diesel #1D

Diesel #1D is thinner and flows easier in cold weather. It also ignites much easier during those cold, winter days.

Use Winter Fuel Additives

Many diesel fuel additives will prevent fuel from freezing in the lines and gelling in the engine or gas tank.

Mobile Trailer Repair

Use Block Heaters

Many diesel fuel additives will prevent fuel from freezing in the lines and gelling in the engine or gas tank.

Wait for Glow Plugs

Give your truck the necessary time to properly warm the glow plugs before starting your engine.

Turn off Non-Essentials

Headlights, radios, phone chargers, heaters and other devices pull much needed amps from the battery. Turn them off!

The Best Mobile Truck Mechanics Near You

On-Time Road Service has the best mobile truck and trailer mechanics in Cleveland. We are able to handle major and minor truck, trailer and tire repairs 24 hours a day. Many of our technicians are ASE certified and up-to-date on the latest diesel and engine equipment on the roads today. We are also part of Cleveland's best mobile truck repair network and are able to provide service on all major US and Ohio interstates.

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